Penis reconstruction using three different operative methods.

  title={Penis reconstruction using three different operative methods.},
  author={Zhiqi Hu and Hiko Hyakusoku and Ji-min Gao and Ritsu Aoki and Rei Ogawa and Xiaoqing Yan},
  journal={British journal of plastic surgery},
  volume={58 4},
To identify the relative success rates, including aesthetic success, of three penis reconstruction techniques, we reviewed 44 cases of penis reconstruction carried out over the past 12 years. The three operative methods we surveyed involved: lower abdominal pedicled fascia flaps; paraumbilical island flaps; and free forearm flaps. Reconstructions survived in only half of the patients receiving lower abdominal pedicled fascia flaps, but 100% success rates were obtained with paraumbilical island… CONTINUE READING

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