Penile spines of the domestic cat: Their endocrine‐behavior relations

  title={Penile spines of the domestic cat: Their endocrine‐behavior relations},
  author={L. Aronson and M. L. Cooper},
  journal={The Anatomical Record},
The post-natal development of penile spines, their appearance in adult males, and the changes that occur in them after castration, after treatment of castrated males with testosterone propionate, and after cessation of hormone treatment were studied using both pre and postpuberal castrates. [...] Key Method Most of the observations were made on live animals and the conditions of the spines were correlated with levels of sexual activity using data from mating tests with estrous females. In all the conditions of…Expand
Morphology of the erect glans penis in rats under various gonadal hormone conditions
The erection of the spines that occurs on the shaft and in the cup of the erect glans may facilitate previously proposed functions on the spine, including vaginal and cervical stimulation and removal of the copulatory plug. Expand
Effects of castration on neural afferent responses from the penis of the domestic cat.
The results indicate that, in adult animals, testicular androgen has no role in maintaining genital sensory fields, sensory thresholds, initiation of neural responses, conduction velocity, or amount of neural activity evoked by a particular stimulus; therefore, peripheral sensory effects of castration seem not to be the cause of the decline of sexual behavior following gonadectomy. Expand
Hormonal Control of Sexual Behavior in Adult Rats
Summary This report deals with the role of the gonads and adrenal glands in the sexual behaviour of male and female rats and with the site of action of testosterone in this respect. WhereasExpand
Pseudopregnancy in female rats: Effects of hormonal manipulations of the male
Results indicate that some factor influenced by male hormonal status, possibly penile morphology, plays a role in the initiation of the functional luteal phase in laboratory rats. Expand
Testosterone, androstenedione, and 5α-dihydrotestosterone on male sexual behavior and penile spines in the hamster
Results show that AD and T restored MSB even with a partial stimulation of penile spines growth, AD being more potent than T, and DHT did not restore MSB in the hamster in spite of its peripheral androgenic potency. Expand
Gonadal androgen and sociosexual behavior of male mammals: a comparative analysis.
  • B. Hart
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Psychological bulletin
  • 1974
The purpose of this review is to bring recent experimental findings to bear on an examination of some of the hypotheses attempting to unify observations on several species and to explain physiological mechanisms and to offer some new perspectives. Expand
Fertility of mating in rats (Rattus norvegicus): contributions of androgen-dependent morphology and actions of the penis.
It is demonstrated that penile spines, perhaps in conjunction with penile cups, contribute to the extraction of plugs from the vagina. Expand
Quantitative analysis of development and aging of genital corpuscles in glans penis of the rat.
The results reveal that GCs of the rat begins to develop postnatal and reaches to the peak of their development after puberty and continues to exist until old age, in contrast to prenatal and early postnatal development of other sensory receptors of glabrous skin. Expand
Spotted hyaenas and the sexual spectrum: reproductive endocrinology and development.
Insight into the costs and benefits of androgen exposure on spotted hyaena reproductive development, endocrinology and behaviour emphasizes the delicate balance that sustains reproductive success, forces a re-evaluation of how the authors define masculine versus feminine sexual characteristics, and motivates reflection about the representative value of model species. Expand
Effects of alcohol on behavioral and morphologic indices of sexual maturation in male rats.
Results of studies support the suggestion that alcohol treatment after weaning produces a delay in the onset of puberty and a decrease in the weight of sex organs of male rats and emphasize the importance of studying critical peripubertal ages after chronic exposure to alcohol. Expand


The influence of experience on behavioural effects of androgen in prepuberally castrated male cats
Analysis of the data from these experiments emphasises the distinction between initiation of sexual behaviour during ontogenesis, and the persistence of the organised sexual pattern when the androgen level is reduced, and favour the interpretation of an indirect influence of male hormone when sexual behaviour is being initiated. Expand
The Decline of Sexual Behavior in Male Cats After Castration With Special Reference To the Role of Prior Sexual Experience
The influence of sexual experience gained prior to castration, on the degree of retention of sexual behavior after removal of the testes was investigated in an experiment involving 15 male catsExpand
Seasonal Variation in Mating Behavior in Cats after Desensitization of Glans Penls
A latent sexual cycle in male cats is revealed, which corresponds in time to the established female cycle, and reduced sensory feedback resulting from the operation and from lack of intromissions caused a decided drop in sexual activity in the fall with recovery in early winter. Expand
Effects of experience on sexual behavior in male cats. Chap. 7
  • Effects of experience on sexual behavior in male cats. Chap. 7
  • 1965
sonal variation in mating behavior in cats following desensitization of glans penis
  • 1950
Einfluss der Kastration auf die Formbildung des Penis beim Kater. Tierarztl. Rundschau
  • Einfluss der Kastration auf die Formbildung des Penis beim Kater. Tierarztl. Rundschau
  • 1937