Penile replantation after self-inflicted amputation.

  title={Penile replantation after self-inflicted amputation.},
  author={James Sanger and Hani S. Matloub and N John Yousif and Frank P Begun},
  journal={Annals of plastic surgery},
  volume={29 6},
In 4 men with self-inflicted penile amputation, replantation was successful using microsurgical technique. Postoperative complications were minimal. In 1 man who had amputated his penis and then amputated his scrotum and testicles, a small skin graft was necessary to close a portion of the defect. A mild urethral stricture that developed in this man responded to dilation. Return of sensation was excellent. Normal erections were reported by all men. Microsurgical replantation is the treatment of… CONTINUE READING