Penile fracture and testicular rupture

  title={Penile fracture and testicular rupture},
  author={Christopher A. Haas and Scott L. Brown and J. Patrick Spirnak},
  journal={World Journal of Urology},
Abstract Traumatic injuries to the penis and testicles are uncommon, likely due to the well-protected location and degree of mobility of these organs [10, 21]. Because of this the management of these injuries has historically been controversial. However, current literature supports immediate evaluation and surgical repair of these traumatic injuries to prevent complications such as erectile dysfunction or testicular loss [20, 27]. Herein the diagnostic and therapeutic options for both traumatic… 
A case of traumatic testicular torsion associated with a ruptured epididymis
It is suggested that another indication for exploring a scrotal mass following blunt injury is to help establish an early diagnosis of torsion of the testicle.
Penile Fracture-Report of Two Cases and Review of Current Literatures
Reports of 2 cases of penile fracture with review of current literature regarding treatment options are reported.
A typical presentation of penile fracture
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Fracture penis is an uncommon injury that can be accompanied by partial or complete urethral rupture or by injury of the dorsal nerve and vessels and the possibility of an early diagnosis based on clinical findings has been emphasized.
A case of penile fracture with complete urethral disruption during sexual intercourse: a case report
Emergency surgical repair in penile fracture can preserve erectile and voiding function and a 37 year old man who presented with acute penile pain, penile swelling and the inability to pass urine after a blunt trauma during sexual intercourse is reported.
A rare case of traumatic proximal corpus cavernosal fracture that presented only with perineal haematoma
Clinicians should be aware of this clinical condition, as early recognition with early surgical treatment can potentially decrease the incidence of late complications of fibrosis, angulation and impotence.
Role of Ultrasound in Diagnostic Aid of a Case of Penile Fracture.
A case suspected of penile fracture with large hematoma over the glans penis in which, ultrasound was used to confirm the diagnosis and correlate the ultrasound and intra operative fin dings.
Fracture of the Penis: An Atypical Case Presentation.
A 37 year male presented with penile mid shaft fracture while doing sexual intercourse and managed with exploration with repair of corpus cavernosum and retrieval of blood clots.
Bilateral disruption of corpus cavernosum with complete urethral rupture
An unusual case of the bilateral disruption of the corpus cavernosum with complete urethral rupture resulting from blunt trauma during sexual intercourse is reported.
Surgical results in penile fracture: Our single center experience.


Fracture of penis: diagnosis and management.
Scrotal ultrasonography and the management of testicular trauma.
The early surgical repair of testicular injuries has reduced morbidity and increased testicular salvage and Ultrasound has increased the ability to diagnose parenchymal injury preoperatively and thus to advise the frightened patient more authoritatively.
Penile fracture with urethral injury.
Traumatic rupture of the testicle and a review of the literature.
Penile rupture.
A review of the literature suggests that early surgical repair of the tunical defect is associated with a significantly lower risk of persistent penile angulation, a shorter hospital stay, and more rapid functional return.
Major traumatic and septic genital injuries.
Early debridement, bowel and urinary diversion followed by penile skin grafting, thigh pouches to protect testicles, and scrotal reconstruction resulted in acceptable cosmetic and functional results in all cases of major skin loss.
Rupture of the corpus cavernosum: surgical management.
Rupture of the penis.
Primary surgical repair of the corpora cavernosa is proposed in view of previous studies, and the present case reports both of which occurred during the same night, to treatumatic rupture of the penis.
The erect penis--injury prone organ.
The authors postulate that some cases of deviation of the penis are actually the result of some minor degree of penile fracture.
Dislocation of the testis as a delayed presentation of scrotal trauma.