Penile Fracture: A Meta-Analysis

  title={Penile Fracture: A Meta-Analysis},
  author={Tarik Amer and Rebekah Ann Wilson and Piotr L Chłosta and Salah Albuheissi and Hasan Abdur Rahman Qazi and Michael Fraser and Omar M Aboumarzouk},
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Objectives: To review the causes and management of penile fracture and to compare between surgical and conservative management as well as immediate and delayed interventions in terms of overall and specific complications. [] Key Method Full texts of relevant articles were obtained and screened according to the inclusion criteria. Outcomes measures were numbers of patients receiving surgical or conservative management, aetiology of fracture, length of admission, complications as well as the specifics of…
Surgical reconstruction for penile fracture: a systematic review
It is determined that immediate penile exploration and tunica repair is considered the most common and current management of penile fractures with experts demonstrating that it leads to the fastest in recovery in erectile function and positive cosmetic outcomes.
Surgical results in penile fracture: Our single center experience.
Functional outcomes following repair of fracture penis
Immediate surgical intervention has low morbidity, short hospital stay, rapid functional recovery, and no serious long-term sequel afteroperative treatment of Penile fracture.
Findings regarding non-sexual penile fracture in a referral emergency hospital
Penile fracture is a rare urologic emergency, especially with the non-sexual etiology, however, early treatment has good long-term clinical outcome, especially when performed in specialized centers with extensive experience in FP.
Management and outcomes of penile fracture: a retrospective analysis of 62 cases with long-term assessment
This study retrospectively reviewed patients with PF from 2009 to 2015 and described the largest cohort evaluating postoperative outcomes of PF repair, those who demonstrated albugineal laceration during surgical exploration or those who were diagnosed clinically and managed with conservative treatment.
Penile fracture and investigation of early surgical repair effects on erectile dysfunction
Early surgical repair could be an effective method of achieving post-operative erection success in patients with penile fracture due to direct trauma during intercourse.
Simultaneous curvature correction at the time of the penile fracture repair: surgical and functional outcomes
An early intraoperative curvature correction may be used for a variety of angulation deformities and severe degrees of deviations secondary to a repair after penile trauma, and may be helpful in preventing postoperative morbidity.


Penile fracture: presentation and management.
Common clinical presentation were snapping or popping sound, sudden penile pain, detumescence and penile deviation, and surgical repair was to avoid complications and preserve both sexual and voiding functions which was satisfactorily achieved in the majority of patients.
Penile fracture: long-term results of surgical and conservative management.
Immediate surgical repair of the penile fracture gave good results and is superior to conservative treatment; however, one cannot distinguish false from true penile fractures accurately to determine on whom one can use the conservative treatment.
Penile fracture: long-term outcome of treatment.
Penile fracture has very typical clinical signs and no further investigation is usually needed, and early surgical treatment is associated with a low incidence of late complications.
Management of penile fracture and its outcome.
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Penile fracture is under-reported and a trauma to erect penis is essential to cause fracture, so surgical exploration and repair is the treatment of choice.
Seventeen years' experience of penile fracture: conservative vs. surgical treatment.
To compare conservative and surgical treatment modalities in terms of duration of hospitalization, early and late complications such as penile nodule and curvature, erectile dysfunction, and painful erection, two treatmentmodalities were compared: conservative (Group I) and surgical (Group II).
Long-term Treatment Outcomes Between Surgical Correction and Conservative Management for Penile Fracture: Retrospective Analysis
Early surgical management of penile fracture provides superior results and conservative approach should be avoided.
Surgical Repair and Analysis of Penile Fracture Complications
A penis fracture diagnosis is mostly clinical; complementary tests, such as ultrasound, are helpful but not definitive; and surgical treatment consists of an incision that allows adequate exposure of the corpora cavernosa and urethra to repair the suspected lesions found upon diagnosis.