Penguin effects on Kπ and ππ decays of the B meson

  title={Penguin effects on K$\pi$ and $\pi$$\pi$ decays of the B meson},
  author={Takemi Hayashi and Masahisa Matsuda and Morimitsu Tanimoto},
  journal={Physics Letters B},
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Penguin effects induced by the two-Higgs-doublet model and charmlessB-meson decays

AbstractNonstandard physical effects through the penguin diagram induced by the charged Higgs scalar contribution in the two-Higgs-doublet model are analysed. Since non-leptonicB-decay processes to

The CP violation of theB→Kϕ decay at γ(4s) in the non-standard models

The CP violating asymmetry in theB→Kϕ decay is studied in both supersymmetric model and three Higgs doublets model. The absorptive part of the penguin amplitude leads to the CP violating asymmetry in

Exclusive non-leptonic decays ofD-,Ds- andB-mesons

AbstractRecent experimental results onD-,Ds- andB-decays are interpreted on the basis of the valence quark model. For nonleptonic decays generally good results are obtained using factorization with

Exact calculation of the scalar-induced gluonic penguin diagram in the two-Higgs-doublet model.

An exact calculation of the vertex of the charged-Higgs-boson induced penguin diagram is presented in the context of the two- Higgs-doublet model, using an on-shell renormalization scheme for the fermion self-energy'' diagrams, and the Ward-Takahashi identity for the three-point diagram.