Penetration of a rod into a target at high velocity

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An Adaptation of Walker-Anderson Model Elements into the Frank-Zook Penetration Model for Use in MUVES
Abstract : The performance of the well-respected Frank-Zook (FZ) penetration algorithm is examined in light of an anticipated class of target technology involving laminated targets whose layers are
On the use of the force time histories to determine the shock and steady state interface pressures exerted by the impact of a low-strength projectile
The work presented in this report examines the impact process of a 10% gelatine soft body material projectile striking a rigid target attached to a quartz force ring sensor. Using the shock Hugoniot
Efficient Solution of the Long-Rod Penetration Equations of Alekseevskii-Tate
Abstract : The exact solution to the long-rod penetration equations is revisited, in search of improvements to the solution efficiency, while simultaneously enhancing the understanding of the
An Overview of Novel Penetrator Technology
Abstract : Over the past 25 years, long-rod penetrators have proven to be highly effective when used as a lethal mechanisms in tank-fired ammunition. However, constraints imposed by currently fielded
Analytical methods for high speed impact behaviour of long rods
High speed and hypervelocity impact studies on long rods have been a subject of interest since the 1960’s. They are considered one of the most lethal threats as a consequence of the very deep
Methods for Analysis and Simulation of Ballistic Impact
Abstract : Background: Methods for describing physics of impact and ballistics have been developed over a number of decades. These include analytical mathematical representations as well as modern
Investigation of the Structural Failure of Penetration Projectiles
Structural failure of penetration projectiles is investigated in this paper. Normal and oblique penetration tests of small-scale projectiles into concrete targets are performed at impact velocities
Penetrating Power of High-Density Tungsten Fiber/Zr-Based Metallic Glass Matrix Composite
Tungsten-fiber/Zr-based metallic glass (Zr41.25Ti13.75Cu12.5Ni10Be22.5) matrix composite (hereinafter referred to as WF/Zr-MG composite) is considered a potential new generation of projectile