Penetration and fusion of phospholipid vesicles by lysozyme.

  title={Penetration and fusion of phospholipid vesicles by lysozyme.},
  author={Ji Hyung Kim and Hyoung Jun Kim},
  journal={Archives of biochemistry and biophysics},
  volume={274 1},
The lysozyme-induced fusion of phosphatidylserine/phosphatidylethanolamine vesicles as studied at a wide range of pH is found to correlate well with the binding of this protein to the vesicles. An identical 6000 molecular weight segment of lysozyme at the N-terminal region is found to be protected from tryptic digestion when initially incubated with vesicles at several pH values. Only this segment is labeled by dansyl chloride, which is partitioned into the bilayer. These results suggest the… CONTINUE READING