Penetrating ulcer of the aortic arch presenting with hemoptysis.

  title={Penetrating ulcer of the aortic arch presenting with hemoptysis.},
  author={Vassilios S. Avlonitis and R. W. Bury and Andrew James Duncan and Joseph Zacharias},
  journal={The Journal of thoracic and cardiovascular surgery},
  volume={137 1},
CLINICAL SUMMARY A 58-year-old nonsmoker presented with a 6-month history of hemoptysis and a 1-month history of left-sided chest pain. He was known to have poorly controlled hypertension. Physical examination was unremarkable. Chest radiographic analysis showed a lesion in the left lung apex lying against the aortic arch. Contrast computed tomographic (CT) scanning demonstrated continuity between the lesion and the aortic lumen. Positron emission tomographic analysis confirmed high uptake in… CONTINUE READING