Penetrating injuries of the mediastinum.

  title={Penetrating injuries of the mediastinum.},
  author={W A Peper and Farouck N. Obeid and Harriette Mathilda Horst and Brack A. Bivins},
  journal={The American surgeon},
  volume={52 7},
This study reviews 47 patients who were operated on for acute penetrating mediastinal wounds. These included 40 cases of cardiac tamponade, 2 mediastinal hematomas, 1 contused myocardium, 3 esophageal wounds, and 1 VSD. Stab wounds were most common (73%) followed by gunshot wounds (23%), and shotgun wounds (4%). When measured, central venous pressure was 15 cm or greater in 28 out of 32 patients (87.5%) with proven tamponade. By contrast, Beck's criteria (distended neck veins, distant heart… CONTINUE READING