Penetrating cation/fatty acid anion pair as a mitochondria-targeted protonophore.

  title={Penetrating cation/fatty acid anion pair as a mitochondria-targeted protonophore.},
  author={Fedor F. Severin and Inna I. Severina and Yury N Antonenko and Tatiana I Rokitskaya and Dmitry A Cherepanov and Elena N Mokhova and Mikhail Yu Vyssokikh and Antonina V. Pustovidko and Olga V. Markova and Lev S. Yaguzhinsky and Galina A. Korshunova and Nataliya V Sumbatyan and Maxim V. Skulachev and Vladimir P. Skulachev},
  journal={Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America},
  volume={107 2},
A unique phenomenon of mitochondria-targeted protonophores is described. It consists in a transmembrane H(+)-conducting fatty acid cycling mediated by penetrating cations such as 10-(6'-plastoquinonyl)decyltriphenylphosphonium (SkQ1) or dodecyltriphenylphosphonium (C(12)TPP). The phenomenon has been modeled by molecular dynamics and directly proved by experiments on bilayer planar phospholipid membrane, liposomes, isolated mitochondria, and yeast cells. In bilayer planar phospholipid membrane… CONTINUE READING


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