Penetrating cardiac injuries: a population-based study.

  title={Penetrating cardiac injuries: a population-based study.},
  author={Peter M Rhee and H. Miles Foy and Christian Kaufmann and C Areola and Edward M. Boyle and Ronald V. Maier and G G Jurkovich},
  journal={The Journal of trauma},
  volume={45 2},
BACKGROUND Wide variances exist in reports of survival rates after penetrating cardiac injuries because most are hospital-based reports and thus are affected by the local trauma system. The objective of this study was to report population-based, as well as hospital-based, survival rates after penetrating cardiac injury. METHODS Retrospective cohort analysis was performed during a 7-year period of 20,181 consecutive trauma admissions to a regional Level I trauma center and 6,492 medical… CONTINUE READING

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