Penetrating Injury in a Pregnant Woman


Vaginal examination showed intense bruising, tenderness, and swelling of the labia and the inner side of the left thigh. Morphia was given to combat shock, and_ to check bleeding, haemostatics were given and the vagina was packed. Two pints of serum were given by transfusion. The patient's general condition improved. A second vaginal examination, under anaesthesia, revealed a big lacerated tear in the right wall of the vagina going deep through the right fornix. Efforts to clamp and ligature the bleeding points failed as some big venous sinuses appeared to have been torn. Deep stitches Were therefore inserted on both sides, the wound was packed and a tight binder given. The patient's general condition again became very low. Two pints of whole blood were given by transfusion, the first pint at a continuous rate and the second at 80 drops per minute. The pulse and colour returned gradually. Next morning labour pains started; these were tem-

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