Penalized Model-Based Clustering with Application to Variable Selection


Variable selection in clustering analysis is both challenging and important. In the context of modelbased clustering analysis with a common diagonal covariance matrix, which is especially suitable for “high dimension, low sample size” settings, we propose a penalized likelihood approach with an L1 penalty function, automatically realizing variable selection via thresholding and delivering a sparse solution. We derive an EM algorithm to fit our proposed model, and propose a modified BIC as a model selection criterion to choose the number of components and the penalization parameter. A simulation study and an application to gene function prediction with gene expression profiles demonstrate the utility of our method.

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@article{Pan2007PenalizedMC, title={Penalized Model-Based Clustering with Application to Variable Selection}, author={Wei Pan and Xiaotong Shen}, journal={Journal of Machine Learning Research}, year={2007}, volume={8}, pages={1145-1164} }