• Sociology
  • Published 2015

Peke juego que enseña a niños y niñas que el género no es limitante para alcanzar los sueños profesionales

  title={Peke juego que ense{\~n}a a ni{\~n}os y ni{\~n}as que el g{\'e}nero no es limitante para alcanzar los sue{\~n}os profesionales},
  author={Natalia Vallejo Larre},
Gender roles have existed and developed since ancient times. They function as conditions for men and women’s behavior so that they can fit properly in society. This so-called creation of gender roles has influenced the division of labor, which reinforces the belief that there are specific types of work for males as well as others for females. The aim of this project is learning through play, so that children at an early age can learn and understand that sex and gender should not be considered… CONTINUE READING