Pegylated interferon monotherapy for chronic hepatitis C.

  title={Pegylated interferon monotherapy for chronic hepatitis C.},
  author={J Godfrey Heathcote and Stefan Zeuzem},
  journal={Seminars in liver disease},
  volume={24 Suppl 2},
Interferon (IFN) alpha-2a has been attached to a branched 40-kD PEG molecule and IFN alpha-2b to a linear 12-kD PEG molecule leading to elimination half-lives of approximately 75 and approximately 30 hours, respectively. In one pivotal trial, 531 patients with chronic hepatitis C were assigned to receive either 180 microg of pegylated IFN alpha-2a once weekly for 48 weeks or 3 x 6 mIU standard IFN for 12 weeks, followed by 3 x 3 mIU for 36 weeks. Sustained virological response rates were 39 and… CONTINUE READING