Peer supporters' experiences of a bereavement follow-up intervention for grieving parents.


The aim of this study was to describe the experiences of peer supporters of a bereavement intervention for grieving parents and how the program should be developed further. The intervention included: a support package for grieving parents, peer supporters' contact, and healthcare personnel's contact with parents. The sample included 16 peer supporters. Data were collected via open-format questionnaires and telephone interviews and analyzed by content analysis. Peer supporters perceived the intervention and its viability as mostly good. Parents' willingness to receive support and peer supporters' good resources were important for the follow-up contact. However, the peer supporters' resources were insufficient to meet parents' unexpected needs. Continuous training and systematic supervision of peer supporters is needed. Study results suggest that support interventions aimed at grieving families need a greater number of male supporters, as fathers hope to receive more support from their male counterparts. Inter-organizational cooperation in supporting parents is important and must be further developed.

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