Peer Reviewed Government: Public Value for the People


Globally government initiatives are being introduced that seek to engage citizens in a co-creation process with government agencies. For the first-time this paper blends theories from public administration and IS to explore citizens' value perceptions of Web 2.0 platforms in eParticipation These technologies appear to have huge potential to engage citizens, yet, uncertainty remains regarding the value of these process and the value of Web 2.0 in eParticipation. Sense of community theory is introduced to eParticipation as a mediating factor to the creation of public value in eParticipation, where the outcome of the success model are public value/net benefits. The aim of this paper is the construction of a framework using a sense of community index unique to the context of eParticipation, to evaluate the success of the individual/group experience eParticipation.

DOI: 10.1145/3126673.3126681

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