author={Michael C. Seto},
  journal={Annual review of clinical psychology},
  • M. Seto
  • Published 7 February 2020
  • Medicine
  • Annual review of clinical psychology
Pedophilia is defined as a sexual interest in prepubescent children. It is empirically linked with sexual offending against children: Child pornography offenders and sex offenders with child victims are more likely to be pedophiles based on self-report or objective measures of sexual interests. At the same time, some pedophiles have not had any known sexual contact with children, and perhaps half of sex offenders against children would not meet diagnostic criteria for pedophilia. Pedophilia can… 
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Media Coverage of Pedophilia and Its Impact on Help-Seeking Persons with Pedophilia in Germany—A Focus Group Study

The public stigma associated with pedophilia, the sexual attraction to prepubescent children, is tremendous. Previous research indicates that undifferentiated media coverage plays an essential role

Validating the Screening Scale of Pedophilic Crime Scene Behavior.

The Screening Scale of Pedophilic Crime Scene Behavior (SSPC) is a seven-item structured rating scale assessing pedophilic sexual arousal. In the current study, we cross-validated the scale's

Sexual preference for prepubescent children is associated with enhanced processing of child faces in juveniles

Evidence is provided for enhanced neural processing of child face stimuli in PP, which might reflect elevated attention capture of face stimuli depicting members from the sexually preferred age group.

Androgens, brain and androgen deprivation therapy in paraphilic disorders: A narrative review.

In conclusion, androgens represent a significant part of the pathophysiology of paraphilias and therefore, ADT seems promising, Nonetheless, more studies are needed to make definite conclusions about the efficacy of long-term ADT in paraphilic patients.

Prevalence, Risks, Costs, Theories, and Legal Aspects

This chapter starts with an introduction that offers a short overview of the prevalence, risk, and costs of violence. Then, the aggression-related concepts that are frequently used in this book are

The World Federation of Societies of Biological Psychiatry (WFSBP) 2020 guidelines for the pharmacological treatment of paraphilic disorders

The aim of these guidelines is to bring together different views on the appropriate treatment of paraphilic disorders from experts representing different countries in order to aid physicians in clinical decisions and to improve the quality of care.

Framing Perpetrators of Sexual Violence Who Participate in Circles of Support and Accountability (CoSA): An Analysis of Global Print Media Reporting.

  • K. RichardsD. Biron
  • Political Science
    International journal of offender therapy and comparative criminology
  • 2022
Circles of Support and Accountability (CoSA) are now part of the criminal justice landscape in various parts of the world. While CoSA have received considerable media attention, it is not yet known

Qualitative Analysis of Minor Attracted Persons' Subjective Experience: Implications for Treatment.

Treatment for Minor Attracted Persons is inadequate and difficult to access. This qualitative study examined community-based MAPs' responses to narrative questions about their experiences and what