Pedophilia, Height, and the Magnitude of the Association: A Research Note

  title={Pedophilia, Height, and the Magnitude of the Association: A Research Note},
  author={Ian V. McPhail and James M. Cantor},
  journal={Deviant Behavior},
  pages={288 - 292}
Physical height is a manifestation of in utero and childhood conditions, and pedophilic individuals have generally been reported to be of lesser height. Jung, Klaver, and Pham (2014), however, report findings that fail to support an association between pedophilia and height. In the present note, we examine the methodology and findings of Jung et al. To estimate the magnitude of the pedophilia–height association, we conducted a meta-analysis of the published literature and found a significant… 
Leg Length Versus Torso Length in Pedophilia: Further Evidence of Atypical Physical Development Early in Life
Given the prenatal and early childhood origins of height, these findings contribute additional evidence to a biological, developmental origin of pedophilia.
Minor Physical Anomalies as a Window into the Prenatal Origins of Pedophilia
Associations emerged between MPA indices and indicators of pedophilia, including penile responses to depictions of children, number of child victims, and possession of child pornography, and greater sexual attraction to children was associated with an elevated craniofacial-to-peripheral anomalies ratio.
The Relationship between Sex Offender Height and Pedophilic Interest
ABSTRACT The current study examined the relationship between offender height and pedophilic interest (as measured by having a victim under 13 years old) in a sample of 22,228 registered sex offenders
Neurodevelopmental Differences, Pedohebephilia, and Sexual Offending: Findings from Two Online Surveys
The neurodevelopmental theory of pedohebephilia states that sexual interests in children arise from early neurodevelopmental perturbations, as, for example, evidenced by increased
Pedohebephilia and Perceived Non-coercive Childhood Sexual Experiences: Two Non-matched Case-Control Studies.
Research on the link between childhood sexual abuse experiences (CSAE) and pedohebephilia is limited by its focus on events that the respondents rate as abusive. We asked 199 German-speaking (Study
Brain structure and clinical profile point to neurodevelopmental factors involved in pedophilic disorder
Neurobiological and clinical correlates ofPedophilic disorder are quantified to aid the understanding of etiology and treatment development.
Diffusion Tensor Imaging of Pedophilia
It is confirmed that pedophilia is characterized by neuroanatomical differences in white matter microstructure, over and above any neural characteristics attributable to psychopathy and childhood adversity, which show neuroanatomic footprints of their own.
Sex Offender Height and Pedophilic Interest: A Clarification
ABSTRACT The authors investigated the relationship between offender height and pedophilic interest in a sample of 22,228 registered sex offenders (RSOs). Concerns have been raised by a former
A compositional explanatory theory of pedophilia
  • T. Gannon
  • Psychology
    Aggression and Violent Behavior
  • 2021
Are There Early Risk Markers for Pedophilia? A Nationwide Case-Control Study of Child Sexual Exploitation Material Offenders
This large-scale, nationwide study suggests parental risk markers for CSEM offending, with the exception of congenital malformations and having fewer older brothers, but did not find convincing evidence for pregnancy-related risk markers.


Pedophilia and Its (Non-) Association with Physical Height among Sex Offenders
Developmental indicators, including physical height, have been suggested to provide biological etiological support. The present study examines the association between physical height and pedophilia,
An anthropometric study of pedophiles and rapists.
The findings provided mild support for the hypothesis that the rapists in the sample would be stronger, more muscular, and have less body fat than the pedophiles.
Cerebral white matter deficiencies in pedophilic men.
A Brief Screening Scale to Identify Pedophilic Interests Among Child Molesters
Among child molesters, phallometrically measured sexual interest in children is associated with having male victims, multiple victims, younger victims, and extrafamilial victims. These sexual offense
Social background, adult body-height and health.
Body-height was strongly associated with year of birth, region, childhood living conditions and education among adult men and women and a non-linear association among women was found for musculo-skeleton diseases.
The New Statistics
An eight-step new-statistics strategy for research with integrity is described, which starts with formulation of research questions in estimation terms, has no place for NHST, and is aimed at building a cumulative quantitative discipline.
The Advanced Theory of Statistics
THIS very handsomely produced volume is one which it will be a pleasure to any mathematical statistician to possess. Mr. Kendall is indeed to be congratulated on the energy and, unswerving
A Practical Guide to Behavioral Research: Tools and Techniques
In this fourth revision of their college textbook, Barbara and Robert Sommer expand the coverage of case studies and provide a new chapter describing the research opportunities provided by the
Physical Height in Pedophilic and Hebephilic Sexual Offenders
Adult men’s height reflects, not only their genetic endowment, but also the conditions that were present during their development in utero and in childhood, which suggests thatpedophilic and hebephilic sexual offenders were subject to conditions capable of affecting their physiological development.
Smoking in pregnancy and development into early adulthood.
A strong association was also evident with the highest qualification achieved by subjects at this age, suggesting a long term relation between smoking in pregnancy and the intellectual development of the offspring.