Pedogenic Thresholds and Soil Process Domains in Basalt-Derived Soils

  title={Pedogenic Thresholds and Soil Process Domains in Basalt-Derived Soils},
  author={Peter M Vitousek and Oliver A. Chadwick},
Pedogenic thresholds occur where soil properties change abruptly and/or nonlinearly with a small increment in environmental forcing; soil process domains are the regions between thresholds where soils change much more gradually across a large range of environmental forcing. We evaluated thresholds and domains in basalt-derived soils on two rainfall gradients in Hawaii—one from 260 to 3,540 mm/y precipitation on 150,000-year-old substrate, the other from 600 to 3,760 mm/y on 4,100,000-year-old… CONTINUE READING
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