Pediatric inflammatory bowel disease: imaging issues with targeted solutions

  title={Pediatric inflammatory bowel disease: imaging issues with targeted solutions},
  author={Sudha A Anupindi and Daniel J. Podberesky and Alexander J. Towbin and Jesse Courtier and Michael Stanley Gee and Kassa Darge and Jonathan R Dillman},
  journal={Abdominal Imaging},
To date, there have been many advances in inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) imaging in every cross-sectional imaging modality, particularly in children. The main emphasis in pediatric IBD imaging is on robust and reproducible measures of small bowel Crohn’s disease inflammation, accurate diagnosis of IBD-related complications, and minimizing radiation burden to the patient, as repeat imaging is necessary over the course of their disease. In this article, we discuss the current state-of-the-art… CONTINUE READING