Pediatric granulomatous arthritis: an international registry.

  title={Pediatric granulomatous arthritis: an international registry.},
  author={Carlos D. Ros{\'e} and C. Wouters and Silvia Meiorin and Trudy M. Doyle and Michael P. Davey and James T. Rosenbaum and Tammy M. Martin},
  journal={Arthritis and rheumatism},
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OBJECTIVE Blau syndrome and its sporadic counterpart, early-onset sarcoidosis, share an identical phenotype featuring the classic triad of arthritis, dermatitis, and uveitis and are associated with mutations of CARD15 in 50-90% of cases. We chose the term "pediatric granulomatous arthritis" to refer to both. An international registry was established in the… CONTINUE READING