Pediatric Vision Screener 1: instrument design and operation.

  title={Pediatric Vision Screener 1: instrument design and operation.},
  author={D. G. N. Hunter and Deborah S Nassif and Nadya V Piskun and Robert D. Winsor and Boris I. Gramatikov and David L. Guyton},
  journal={Journal of biomedical optics},
  volume={9 6},
We develop the Pediatric Vision Screener (PVS) to automatically detect ocular misalignment (strabismus) and defocus in human subjects. The PVS utilizes binocular retinal birefringence scanning to determine when both eyes are aligned, with a theoretical accuracy of <1 deg. The device employs an autoconjugate, bull's-eye detector-based system to detect focus. The focus and alignment pathways are separated by both wavelength and data acquisition timing. Binocular focus and alignment are detected… CONTINUE READING