Pedestrian Dead Reckoning With Smartglasses and Smartwatch

  title={Pedestrian Dead Reckoning With Smartglasses and Smartwatch},
  author={Darrell Loh and Shaghayegh Zihajehzadeh and Reynald Hoskinson and Hamid Abdollahi and Edward J. Park},
  journal={IEEE Sensors Journal},
Wearable miniature inertial sensors have been widely used for pedestrian dead reckoning (PDR). Typical low-cost PDR systems use sensors attached to either the human trunk or feet. The recent emergence of smartglasses and smart watches provides an opportunity to use both types of wearable devices in position tracking. This paper proposes a novel method of utilizing both a smartwatch and smartglasses for PDR. The general idea is to use the relative angle between arm swing direction and head… CONTINUE READING