Pedalling in space as a countermeasure to microgravity deconditioning.


A system consisting of two mechanically coupled counter rotating bicycles, moving on the inner wall of a cylindrical space module, is proposed to prevent microgravity deconditioning. The two pedalling subjects generate a centrifugal acceleration vector (ac) simulating gravity. This last depends on the peripheral velocity (v) and on the radius of gyration (R… (More)


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@article{Antonutto1991PedallingIS, title={Pedalling in space as a countermeasure to microgravity deconditioning.}, author={Guglielmo Antonutto and C. Capelli and Pietro Enrico di Prampero}, journal={Microgravity quarterly : MGQ}, year={1991}, volume={1 2}, pages={93-101} }