Pedagogically Reclaiming Marx’s Politics in the Postdigital Age: Social Formations and Althuserrian Pedagogical Gestures

  title={Pedagogically Reclaiming Marx’s Politics in the Postdigital Age: Social Formations and Althuserrian Pedagogical Gestures},
  author={Derek R. Ford},
  journal={Postdigital Science and Education},
  • Derek R. Ford
  • Published 21 June 2021
  • Sociology
  • Postdigital Science and Education
This paper builds on Marxist postdigital literature by first clarifying what a ‘mode of production’ is, what the capitalist mode of production is, and how, why, and on what technological foundations it emerged. This leads into a discussion of these technological foundations and their relationship to production, knowledge, research, and subjectivity, in other words, the ‘general intellect’. At this point, I move from discussing modes of production to social or socio-economic formations, and show… 
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