[Peculiarities of cardiovascular and metabolic disturbances in women after ovariectomy].


Metabolic dysfunction and the state of cardiovascular system were studied in 80 women with surgical climacterium. Dynamics of metabolic syndrome formation and left ventricular structural-functional changes were investigated. It was confirmed that the majority of patients with surgical climacterium developed metabolic syndrome in the first 3 years after operation. Arterial hypertension was formed in 2/3 of women with surgical climacterium after 6 months from the moment of operation. Left ventricular remodeling was mainly represented by eccentric left ventricular hypertrophy, occurring at the background of combination of abdominal obesity, insulin resistance, " non-dipper " type of 24-hour arterial pressure profile and hypokinetic variant of hemodynamics. Diastolic dysfunction of the left ventricle was registered both in the presence of hypertrophy and at the background of its normal function.

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