Peculiar Composition of Epithelial Cells in Follicle-Associated Intestinal Crypts of Peyer’s Patches in the Rat Small Intestine

  title={Peculiar Composition of Epithelial Cells in Follicle-Associated Intestinal Crypts of Peyer’s Patches in the Rat Small Intestine},
  author={Y. Mantani and Hideto Yuasa and Miho Nishida and Ei-ichirou Takahara and T. Omotehara and K. G. S. Udayanga and J. Kawano and T. Yokoyama and N. Hoshi and H. Kitagawa},
  journal={The Journal of Veterinary Medical Science},
  pages={833 - 838}
ABSTRACT The epithelial cell composition was investigated in the follicle-associated intestinal crypt (FAIC) of rat Peyer’s patches. The epithelium of the FAIC mainly consisted of columnar epithelial cells, goblet cells and Paneth cells. The characteristics of secretory granules in Paneth cells and goblet cells of both the FAIC and ordinary intestinal crypts (IC) were almost the same in periodic acid-Schiff (PAS) reaction, Alcian blue (AB) staining and the immunohistochemical detection of… Expand
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