Pectin recovery and characterisation from lemon juice waste streams.

  title={Pectin recovery and characterisation from lemon juice waste streams.},
  author={Maria Dimopoulou and Katerina Alba and Grant M. Campbell and Vassilis Kontogiorgos},
  journal={Journal of the science of food and agriculture},
BACKGROUND Pectin characteristics from different parts of lemon fruit (Citrus limon L.) were studied, as a basis for assessing their suitability for functional applications. Pectin was extracted from lemon albedo, lemon core parts and membranes, and lemon extract using an aqueous extraction protocol. The composition and structural properties of the isolated pectins were examined by means of complimentary analytical methods to assess their molecular characteristics for potential industrial… 

Characterization of pectin extracted under mild conditions from tempesquistle (Sideroxylon palmeri) fruit at two maturity stages.

The extraction method allowed two types of pectins obtained in function of maturity stage of tempesquistle fruit distinguishable by ATR-FTIR and D-galacturonic acid (D-GalA) content with a colorimetric assay.

Soluble dietary fibres from sugarcane bagasse

Soluble dietary fibres from sugarcane bagasse were extracted under alkaline conditions and characterised. Precipitated fibres were dialysed, and the fibre composition was evaluated before and after

Techno-Economic Assessment of Polysaccharide Extraction from Baobab: A Scale Up Analysis

This research studied the commercial exploitation of an indigenous African crop in order to formulate high value products, with a potential significant impact on the local economy. More specifically,

The Second Life of Citrus Fruit Waste: A Valuable Source of Bioactive Compounds

This review summarizes recent evidence on the pharmacological potential of CF waste to support the switch towards a more environmentally sustainable society.

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Agricultural production, agro-industrial food processing, distribution and consumption generate high Amounts of varied food by-products and waste which place a heavy burden on the environment and



Characterization of citrus pectin samples extracted under different conditions: influence of acid type and pH of extraction.

Structural, and hence macromolecular, variations within the different citrus pectin samples were mainly related to their rhamnogalacturonan I contents and integrity, and, to a lesser extent, to the length of their homogalactsuronan domains.

Isolation and Characterization of Pectin Extracted from Lemon Pomace during Ripening

The research was conducted to find out the various extraction conditions of pectin from lemon pomace under different of solvents (6M HCl, 1N H2SO4, 1N HNO3, 6.2g/100g citric acid, 1N acetic acid,

Isolation , characterization and modification of citrus pectins

Article info: Received: 18 October 2012 Accepted: 10 December 2012 ABSTRACT Orange and lemon peels were used for obtaining pectic polysaccharides. Citrus peels were previously treated with 96%