Pebble Watch security assessment


Security for Pebble Watch is necessary. The lack of security and efficient connection leads to major attacks. In this paper, we introduce a two way authentication process to improve the pebble watch security. This two way authentication uses a secured Bluetooth pairing. The main aim of this paper is to find the major factors which are attacking pebble and to find a way in solving these issues. There might be a chance of obtaining hardware issues in this pebble, so to find the possibilities to avoid these issues we introduced a simple algorithm for the two way authentication (TWA) process and introduced to the pebble. Malicious apps that connect to the Pebble Watch is the major problem. The flaws in the Pebble must be thoroughly investigated to make it much safer than the older one preventing these apps connecting to pebble watch. In order we used java tool to implement this project. This paper will help in building a more secured pebble watch.

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