Pearls and pitfalls in breast MRI.

  title={Pearls and pitfalls in breast MRI.},
  author={Ingrid Millet and Emma Pages and Denis Hoa and Samuel M{\'e}rigeaud and Fernanda Curros Doyon and Xavier Prat and Patrice G. Taourel},
  journal={The British journal of radiology},
  volume={85 1011},
At our academic institution, we have noticed repeated examples of both false-positive and false-negative MR diagnoses in breast cancer. The most common diagnostic errors in interpreting MRI of the breast are discussed in this review and experience-based advice is provided to avoid similar mistakes. The most common reasons for false-positive diagnoses are misinterpretation of artefacts, confusion between normal enhancing structures and tumours and, above all, insufficient use of the American… CONTINUE READING

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