Pearl aquaculture-profitable environmental remediation?

  title={Pearl aquaculture-profitable environmental remediation?},
  author={Scott Gifford and R H Dunstan and Wayne O'Connor and Thomas Roberts and Robert F. Toia},
  journal={The Science of the total environment},
  volume={319 1-3},
Bivalve molluscs are filter feeders, with pearl oysters able to filter water at rates up to 25 lh(-1)g(-1) of dry wt. tissue. Since this process leads to rapid bioaccumulation of recalcitrant pollutants such as heavy metals, organochlorine pesticides and hydrocarbons from impacted sites, it has prompted the widespread use of molluscs as biomonitors to quantify levels of marine pollution. This paper proposes pearl oyster deployment as a novel bioremediation technology for impacted sites to… CONTINUE READING


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