Peacekeepers and Prostitutes

  title={Peacekeepers and Prostitutes},
  author={K. Allred},
  journal={Armed Forces \& Society},
  pages={23 - 5}
  • K. Allred
  • Published 2006
  • Sociology
  • Armed Forces & Society
On numerous occasions in the past fifteen years, U.N. peacekeepers have been accused of sexually assaulting or abusing the populations they serve. A Comprehensive Review of peacekeeper misconduct completed in 2005 identified significant problems and recommended numerous changes to address them. The U.S. Army and NATO, in a response to the possibility that their deployed troops will be engaged in or facilitate human trafficking, have enacted new policies intended to remove their troops from the… Expand
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While the literature on peacekeeping has mostly focused on whether peacekeeping actually keeps the peace, few studies have systematically addressed the question of what explains variations inExpand
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