Peace action committee plans week

  • Published 2013


G ary C aruso , South Quad c a n d id a te for the SLC, has c h a rg e d the O b se rv e r w ith favoritism during the curren t SLC cam paign. The charges w ere brought before the SLC Election Com mittee by Caruso during a com m ittee m eeting held last night in the student governm ent offices. Caruso’s com plaint centered a ro u n d a ca m p a ig n a d ­ vertisem ent he purchased for Tuesday’s issue which did not appear. Caruso said he was “denied the right to place a purchased advertisem ent in the paper on the day designated.” O b se rv e r E d ito r-in -C h ief, Glenn Cor so, explained tha t the reason the ad did not appear was due to a secretaria l m istake. C orso po in ted out th a t the

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