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Peace Operations and Intrastate Conflict: The Sword or the Olive Branch?

  title={Peace Operations and Intrastate Conflict: The Sword or the Olive Branch?},
  author={Thomas R. Mockaitis},
What is to be done? Holding the Ring or Entering the Fray? Congo Somalia Former Yugoslavia Peace Operations and Intrastate Conflict: Toward a New Paradigm Appendix:Maps Bibliography Index 
Peacekeeping Strategies for Peacebuilding: Multi-Functional Roles
Since failure to control renewed violence prevents the reconstruction of a relationship among former antagonists, peacekeeping is an essential component of peacebuilding in the countries, which
Peace Building: Operational Imperatives and Organizational Co-ordination
SUMMARY This paper examines how various components of peace building programmes in different sectors can be co -ordinated. It starts with the examination of the practice by various co-ordinating
Operational Issues for Peacebuilding: Organizational Imperatives
In order to be effective, the work of various organisations has to be embedded in the overall peacebuilding plan. Since commitment and resources are usually less than desired, success depends on
Trends in United Nations peacekeeping
Abstract Peacekeeping, a major creation of the United Nations (UN), emerged during the Cold War, as the principal tool through which UN attempted to fulfil it's primary goal of maintaining peace and
This series seeks to fill a conspicuous gap in the burgeoning literature on terrorism, guer-rilla warfare, and insurgency. The series adheres to the highest standards of scholarship and discourse and
Back to the Future? The Lessons of Counterinsurgency for Contemporary Peace Operations
A recent consensus has emerged within peace operations doctrine validating “robust” or “assertive” peacekeeping as an effective mechanism to intervene in complex and volatile intrastate conflicts.
Robust Peacekeeping? Panacea for Human Rights Violations
This paper examines the conviction that robust peacekeeping—a strong and forceful peacekeeping force—works better than traditional UN peacekeeping mechanisms in reducing human rights violations,
The New Constabularies: Planning US Military Stabilization Missions
Modern peace enforcement missions are much more akin to historical constabulary missions than they are to traditional peace operations. As such, the underlying strategic and operational bases for
Confronting the Unconventional: Innovation and Transformation in Military Affairs
Abstract : As the Quadrennial Defense Review Report for 2006 makes clear, the Department of Defense (DoD) is committed to transforming itself. In the years to come, it will continue to transform its
The Ethiopian-Eritrea war
The Ethiopia-Eritrea war of 1998–2000 stands apart from other contemporary conflicts in Africa in a number of critical ways. First, the multiplicity of its proximate and distant historical causes,


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