PeV neutrinos and a 3.5 keV x-ray line from a PeV-scale supersymmetric neutrino sector

  title={PeV neutrinos and a 3.5 keV x-ray line from a PeV-scale supersymmetric neutrino sector},
  author={Samuel B. Roland and Bibhushan Shakya and James D. Wells},
  journal={Physical Review D},
Recent measurements of PeV energy neutrinos at IceCube and a 3.5 keV X-ray line in the spectra of several galaxies are both tantalizing signatures of new physics. This paper shows that one or both of these observations can be explained within an extended supersymmetric neutrino sector. Obtaining light active neutrino masses as well as phenomenologically interesting (keV-GeV) sterile neutrino masses without any unnaturally small parameters hints at a new symmetry in the neutrino sector that is… 

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