PePiT: opportunistic dissemination of large contents on android mobile devices


Enabling content sharing among mobile users is a promising application for opportunistic networks. Clearly, collocated people are likely to share mutual interests. In this context, disseminating contents through opportunistic communications could be more efficient than passing through central servers. We implemented PACS (Prevalence-Aware Content Spreading), a popularity-based strategy to select pieces of contents to be exchanged between neighbors solely based on localized information [1]. Through their successive contacts, devices keep track of the dissemination level of the pieces throughout the network and use this information to transfer less prevalent pieces first. In this paper, we present PePiT, an Android application based on PACS. PePiT enables the dissemination of pictures between collocated Android devices in an ad hoc mode. We show both the architecture and the deployment requirement of PePiT on Android devices. We also briefly describe the demonstration scenario.

DOI: 10.1145/2159576.2159594

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