Pe Program Thriving—100% Placement Rate 1997 Summer Field Session for Pegn 315 at Banning Fault in California

  • Greetings From, Craig Van Kirk
  • Published 2000


Hello again from the Petroleum Engineering Department here at CSM in Golden. I am happy to report that we are healthy and enjoying a good level of activity in many areas. The program has plenty of students, jobs, and research projects. This past summer I completed my one-year sabbatical leave in my hometown of Banning, California. Some people have asked me recently if I am back at CSM for good. Well, I’m not sure I was ever here at CSM “for good,” but whatever it has been in the past, I hope and intend to continue to serve CSM for many more years. My sabbatical leave was most enjoyable and very satisfying. Most of my time was spent at Banning High School, and some time was spent on the Morongo Indian Reservation and the grade school in the small town of Cabazon. It was very rewarding working with a wide variety of kids, exposing them to subjects they don’t normally get, such as local geology , global geology, geography, international business, careers , engineering, and field trips. In November 1996 we took 120 high school kids to THUMS offshore island near Long Beach; this was a big deal! No accidents, no AWOL’s! Other field trips included the San Andreas fault, ancient Cahuilla Indian grounds, mountain climbs, and fishing. I figured if I could help the students “learn how to fish,” then they would be more independent citizens and less reliant on others. The fishing trip turned out to be “the greatest day of my life” for a couple students. If you’re interested in more about my sabbatical leave, refer to the recent article in CSM’s Alumni Association Mines Magazine issue dated September/October 1997. The PE Department staff did a great job in my absence during my sabbatical leave. Upon my return to regular service this summer, everything appeared to be in good order. Special thanks must go to everyone on the staff, especially to Professor Ramona Graves for serving as Acting Department Head during the year. We are a small group with a heavy load and lots of involvement with our students. Whenever one of us is gone, the extra load on the rest of the staff is noticeable. This school year Professor Robert Thompson is on a well-deserved sabbatical leave to concentrate on the final stages of his Ph.D. program in Educational Leadership and Innovation in the School of …

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