PbGEST mediates malaria transmission to both mosquito and vertebrate host.

  title={PbGEST mediates malaria transmission to both mosquito and vertebrate host.},
  author={Arthur M. Talman and C{\'e}line Lacroix and Sara R. Marques and Andrew M. Blagborough and Raffaella Carzaniga and Robert M{\'e}nard and Robert E Sinden},
  journal={Molecular microbiology},
  volume={82 2},
The malaria life cycle relies on the successful transfer of the parasite between its human and mosquito hosts. We identified a Plasmodium berghei secreted protein (PBANKA_131270) that plays distinct roles in both the mammal-to-mosquito and the mosquito-to-mammal transitions. This protein, here named gamete egress and sporozoite traversal (GEST), plays an important role in the egress of male and female gametes from the vertebrate red blood cell. Interestingly, GEST is also required following the… CONTINUE READING

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