Pb12 2-: plumbaspherene.

  title={Pb12 2-: plumbaspherene.},
  author={Li-feng Cui and Xin Huang and Lei-Ming Wang and Jun Yu Li and Lai-Sheng Wang},
  journal={The journal of physical chemistry. A},
  volume={110 34},
Although Si or Ge is not known to form empty cage clusters such as the fullerenes, we recently found a unique 12-atom icosahedral tin cluster, Sn12 2- (stannaspherene). Here we report photoelectron spectroscopy and theoretical evidence that Pb12 2- is also a highly stable icosahedral cage cluster and bonded by four delocalized radial pi bonds and nine delocalized on-sphere sigma bonds from the 6p orbitals of the Pb atoms. Following Sn12 2-, we coin a name, plumbaspherene, for the highly stable… CONTINUE READING
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