Paving the Way Forward in Urbanization and Global Environmental Change Research


Dear friends of the UGEC project, I am delighted to share with you this ninth issue of UGEC Viewpoints — one of my favorite issues produced thus far! Over the years, the UGEC project has placed attention on creating capabilities among young scholars and practitioners offering opportunities for networking, collaboration and publication, and has organized several training workshops with other international organizations towards these efforts. The biannual Viewpoints publication has always been an avenue through which our colleagues working and doing research in the field of urbanization and global environmental change are able to showcase their expertise to the international community, and discuss key issues and gaps in knowledge critical for moving forward. This particular issue is no exception, but more so, highlights research from emerging scholars within the UGEC network. It seems most appropriate at this stage of the project to transition the focus of the Viewpoints towards our future scholars. Recently, there have been many exciting developments and discussions with respect to the Global Change Research Programmes and Projects, which are currently transitioning into the new 'Future Earth' research framework for global sustainability. This is an exciting process in which UGEC has continually been engaged, and runs in parallel with the third stage of our project which is now heavily focused on synthesis. This mix of reflection and synthesis as well as looking towards the project's future and that of urban/environmental research has been quite an exciting endeavor — a process that will continue throughout the next few years and for which we are planning a number of activities, namely our 2 nd One of the key components identified for the success of 'Future Earth' is to a focus on including and building the capacity of young scholars and practitioners. This is certainly important for UGEC moving forward, particularly in the context of better addressing global environmental issues in urban areas. As such, we will continue our efforts to expand the opportunities for the engagement of young and emerging scholars in our future activities and publications, particularly through future issues of the Viewpoints. That said, I would like to introduce to you the authors of this ninth issue who are graduate and post-doctoral students, and young faculty representing a diversity of regions and research interests. Herein, you will read articles highlighting urban adaptation responses and pathways for developing adaptation planning approaches and agendas (H. Leck, and A. Kingsborough); …

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