Pavement markings at the Ministère des Transports du Québec: Innovative Measures to Improve Environmental Performance

  title={Pavement markings at the Minist{\~A}¨re des Transports du Qu{\~A}©bec: Innovative Measures to Improve Environmental Performance},
  author={Michel Tremblay},
The MinistA¨re des Transports du QuA©bec (Quebec Department of Transport – MTQ) is very conscious of the importance of reducing the environmental impacts of its activities, and has made sustainability a core component of its Mission. In that regard, road-marking is one of the areas of expertise where the MTQ has shown a high degree of cutting-edge leadership and proactivity in recent years. The road network under the jurisdiction of the MTQ includes over 90,000 km of road markings, which are… CONTINUE READING

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