Pavel Rozhkov and Slava. ‘The first Soviet whalers in the Antarctic’

  title={Pavel Rozhkov and Slava. ‘The first Soviet whalers in the Antarctic’},
  author={Rip Bulkeley},
  journal={Polar Record},
  pages={259 - 268}
ABSTRACT Pavel Sergeyevich Rozhkov was captain of the whale catcher Slava 3 on the first Soviet whaling cruise in the Antarctic, which took place in 1946–1947. He wrote an exceptionally frank and detailed account of the cruise, for those times, which was published in a Lithuanian newspaper and is now presented here for the first time in English translation. 
Aivazovsky's Icebergs: an Antarctic mystery
ABSTRACT The Armenian-Russian artist Ivan Aivazovsky completed a painting of a polar seascape entitled Ledyanyye gory [Ice mountains] in 1870. The picture has usually been taken for an Antarctic
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also show an ice arch, though not in the same part of the composition. Setting aside the possible influence of Mikhailov’s January image, the painting also shares some elements with Bellingshausen’s