Pauli spin blockade in CMOS double quantum dot devices

  title={Pauli spin blockade in CMOS double quantum dot devices},
  author={Dharmraj Kotekar-Patil and Andrea Corna and R. Maurand and Alessandro Crippa and Alexei Orlov and S.Barraud and Xavier Jehl and S. De Franceschi and Marc Sanquer},
  • Dharmraj Kotekar-Patil, Andrea Corna, +6 authors Marc Sanquer
  • Published 2016
  • Physics
  • Silicon quantum dots are attractive candidates for the development of scalable, spin-based qubits. Pauli spin blockade in double quantum dots provides an efficient, temperature independent mechanism for qubit readout. Here we report on transport experiments in double gate nanowire transistors issued from a CMOS process on 300 mm silicon-on-insulator wafers. At low temperature the devices behave as two few-electron quantum dots in series. We observe signatures of Pauli spin blockade with a… CONTINUE READING

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