Patulin production by Byssochlamys spp. in fruit juices.

  title={Patulin production by Byssochlamys spp. in fruit juices.},
  author={Stephen L. Rice and Larry R. Beuchat and Ronald E. Worthington},
  journal={Applied and environmental microbiology},
  volume={34 6},
Ten strains of Byssochlamys fulva and three strains of B. nivea were cultured in a laboratory medium and tested for their ability to produce patulin. Two strains of B. fulva and all three strains of B. nivea produced the mycotoxin. One strain of B. fulva produced patulin in 11 of 13 processed fruit juices, with greatest amounts being produced in blueberry, red raspberry, and boysenberry juices, whereas no patulin was detected in prune or tomato juices. Grown in Concord grape juice at 18, 25, 30… CONTINUE READING


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