Patterns of simultaneous polysubstance use in Canadian rave attendees.

  title={Patterns of simultaneous polysubstance use in Canadian rave attendees.},
  author={Sean Barrett and Samantha R Gross and Isabelle Garand and Robert O. Pihl},
  journal={Substance use & misuse},
  volume={40 9-10},
The aim of this study was to examine rave-related polydrug drug use and to determine if patterns of substance use were associated with previous rave attendance. One hundred and eighty-six rave attendees (50% female) representing a wide range of ages (16 to 47 years; mean=23.5, sd=5.15) and levels of rave attendance experience (1 to 400 events) completed structured interviews in Montreal, Canada between November 2002 and September 2003 about their rave attendance patterns and their use of… CONTINUE READING

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