Patterns of regional cerebral blood flow in Alzheimer's disease.


Regional cerebral blood flow was assessed in 35 patients with Alzheimer's disease and the same number of matched normal volunteers. Images were scored for regional perfusion deficits. Mildly demented patients had parietal and temporal perfusion deficits, often unilateral. Moderate to severely demented patients had bilateral temporal and parietal perfusion deficits. All severely demented patients also had involvement of both occipital regions. Frontal lobe deficits were seen in 14 patients. Left cortical perfusion deficits were more severe than the right cortical perfusion deficits in general. Patients with early onset of the disease showed left frontal deficits, more often, however, the total perfusion deficit scores in early and late onset groups were not statistically significant. Also, the cognitive performance scores were not statistically significant in these two groups. These results suggest a stage-dependent reduction in regional cerebral blood flow in patients with Alzheimer's disease.


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