Patterns of radioiodine uptake by the lactating breast

  title={Patterns of radioiodine uptake by the lactating breast},
  author={Siema M. Bakheet and Muhammad M Hammami},
  journal={European Journal of Nuclear Medicine},
Breast uptake of radioiodine, if not suspected, may be misinterpreted as thyroid cancer metastasis to the lung. To characterize the patterns of radioiodine breast uptake, we retrospectively studied 20 radioiodine scans that were performed within 1 week of cessation of breast feeding. Four patterns of uptake were identified: “full”, “focal”, “crescent” and “irregular”. The uptake was asymmetric in 60% (left>right in 45%, right>left in 15%), symmetric in 25% and unilateral in 15% of cases. A… CONTINUE READING