Patterns of pulmonary metastasis from uterine cancer.

  title={Patterns of pulmonary metastasis from uterine cancer.},
  author={Demosthenes E Bouros and Konstantinos Papadakis and Nikolaos Siafakas and Arlan F. Fuller},
  volume={53 5},
BACKGROUND Endometrial cancer is the most common female genital cancer and approximately 90% of the cases are diagnosed while they are still confined to the uterus. However, the frequency and the pattern of pulmonary metastasis (PM) have not been studied systematically. PATIENTS AND METHODS From 1962 to 1989, 90 patients wit PM were identified by computerized search of the medical records of the 1,550 (5.8%) patients admitted to the Massachusetts General Hospital with the diagnosis of uterine… CONTINUE READING
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